How to Spot the Best Jerky


You may be at a place where you only get supplied a few brands of beef jerky. But in reality, there is are plenty of options when it comes to the choices you can make as you buy jerky. They vary regarding cost and quality. It can be a challenge knowing if you have purchased the best quality jerky for the price you have paid for it. You, therefore, need to know how to tell if what you are looking at is the best jerky there is.

It needs to first of all taste like real meat. In today’s shops, you will find jerky that has been filled with sugar, tenderizers, and preservatives, the original meat flavor in no longer existent. When you bite it, you need to taste real beef, in much the same way a grilled steak would taste. Learn more at

It also needs to have the texture and consistency of real meat. You will find most jerky to either be too gummy due to the sugar content or too crumbly due to too much processing. Some are too mushy on account of all that tenderizer. There should be no difference to how you chew good quality jerky as you would a piece of real steak.
It also needs not to have any stringy stuff in it. Poor quality jerky will be made from meat that has more sinews, gristle and not chewable tissue than the lean parts. It may also have too much fat. The best jerky is made from only lean, pure meat. A little bit of fat and some streaks is good for flavor, but it is not the main part of jerky.
It also needs to taste as advertised. This is especially the case with jerky sold as hot. It needs to be appropriately hot. You may find some that are mildly so, if at all.
It also needs to be chewable. Some time back, it was acceptable for jerky to be an exercise in chewing without dislocating your jaws. But nowadays, the standard dictates that jerky retain the same malleability levels as grilled steak.

You need it not to have any preservatives in it. There are modern packaging processes that preserve its shelf life with no need for chemicals. Vacuum packaging is one of them. This prevents you from being harmed by too many chemicals, as well as a deterioration of flavor.

The best jerky will be a joy to eat, with you feeling like taking more of it. If you do not feel like eating some more after the first piece, you have not bought the bet jerky. As a snack, it needs to be delicious and not off-putting. Read more here:


Finding A Quality Online Beef Jerky Shop


Beef jerky is the most fantastic snack that one can have even on a daily basis because of how tasty it is, and it can quickly make one addicted. It is lean meat that is usually sliced and does not contain any fat, and it is prepared by salting it and drying so that to preserve it. Apart from flavoring, you can as well add spices of your choice as that will make it tastier. If you do not take the beef jerky, then be aware that you are missing out on something delicious in your life.

They are generally sold in different places even in the supermarkets, but that is not one of the best places to buy the beef jerky. The ones that you will get to enjoy are the ones from the jerky shops as they seem tastier than those from the other places. That is because the people who sell them or make them are specialists, and they make them entirely because they spend much of their time doing that as from that is where they get their earnings. Therefore they tend to give it their best with a lot of seriousness when they are making them.

The gourmet beef jerky is also sold online; therefore you can be able to purchase them when you are in the office, and you don’t have the time to go to their shop. As we know that time is money and depending with the time you have in case you are free then you can drop at the beef jerky shop and get for yourself a fresh and of sound quality beef jerky. That will be better than doing the orders as you will not know whether they will make the best choice for you. That makes it necessary when you have time you visit the beef jerky shop and choose the one that you like.

You don’t need to worry much even when you are purchasing the beef jerky from an online shop because it’s not all that will pick something that is not fresh. Therefore you opt to be careful when selecting the online beef jerky shop as it should be one that has quality beef and seasoned just as you like. You will be able to know that from going through their website and reviews as you will be able to see what some of their clients have to say about their beef jerky. Do not make a mistake of going for a beef jerky shop that you do not like. Discover more here:

Tips to Choosing The Best Beef Jerky


If you love jerky meat, it is essential to make sure you get just the best. Many companies are said to supply jerky but to get the best is a strenuous exercise. It is always important to make sure that when you are buying the food product, you are careful to purchase food free from contamination. You need to make sure that you look at the quality, the packaging and the storage of your jerky before you are buying. If the food storage is not done in the right way, you may end up taking home something that is not fresh. The last thing you want is to eat food that is contaminated in any way.

Look for companies such as Divine Bovine that are authorized to pack and sell the jerky. You will know that by looking at the authorization stamp on the package. You also buy according to where it is coming from. Some places are known to pack the right meat for the jerky, look at the originating country if you want to be sure you. By logging on to your internet, you can see the countries that are known to supply the best jerky meet. At the same time make sure you look at the packaging to be sure you are buying from the right supplier.

You know that the quality of the ingredients makes nor break any food products. Look at the products that have all natural ingredients. The components that you have will tell you whether you have the best jerky or not. Look also at the manufacturers comment on quality to be sure. Do not look for the cheap product because the natural ingredients are more expensive than the others. Going for the lowest price may end up giving the wrong product.

Also, think about the jerky products that have no preservatives. Preservatives are useful because they will ensure that you do not take jerky products that are bad. But above it all, if you can get the products that have less or no preservatives the better for you. What is common in the market is the jerky with preservatives, However, with a little bit of research, you can get the ones without chemicals. It is also essential when you are buying these products to ask for help from the experts. If you think you may be confused ask help even from the suppliers, a reputable supplier will make sure you get what you want. They will also give explain to you the difference between the various products in the market. Once you know what products are available, you can then make an informed decision about what you want to buy. View here for more: