How to Spot the Best Jerky


You may be at a place where you only get supplied a few brands of beef jerky. But in reality, there is are plenty of options when it comes to the choices you can make as you buy jerky. They vary regarding cost and quality. It can be a challenge knowing if you have purchased the best quality jerky for the price you have paid for it. You, therefore, need to know how to tell if what you are looking at is the best jerky there is.

It needs to first of all taste like real meat. In today’s shops, you will find jerky that has been filled with sugar, tenderizers, and preservatives, the original meat flavor in no longer existent. When you bite it, you need to taste real beef, in much the same way a grilled steak would taste. Learn more at

It also needs to have the texture and consistency of real meat. You will find most jerky to either be too gummy due to the sugar content or too crumbly due to too much processing. Some are too mushy on account of all that tenderizer. There should be no difference to how you chew good quality jerky as you would a piece of real steak.
It also needs not to have any stringy stuff in it. Poor quality jerky will be made from meat that has more sinews, gristle and not chewable tissue than the lean parts. It may also have too much fat. The best jerky is made from only lean, pure meat. A little bit of fat and some streaks is good for flavor, but it is not the main part of jerky.
It also needs to taste as advertised. This is especially the case with jerky sold as hot. It needs to be appropriately hot. You may find some that are mildly so, if at all.
It also needs to be chewable. Some time back, it was acceptable for jerky to be an exercise in chewing without dislocating your jaws. But nowadays, the standard dictates that jerky retain the same malleability levels as grilled steak.

You need it not to have any preservatives in it. There are modern packaging processes that preserve its shelf life with no need for chemicals. Vacuum packaging is one of them. This prevents you from being harmed by too many chemicals, as well as a deterioration of flavor.

The best jerky will be a joy to eat, with you feeling like taking more of it. If you do not feel like eating some more after the first piece, you have not bought the bet jerky. As a snack, it needs to be delicious and not off-putting. Read more here:


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